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Jon McCormick


-"Major (Jon McCormick, superb) is the man of this home, determined to see the light when it appears at the other end of this storm... The atmosphere is suffocating and riveting."

  -Joe Lombardi, Broadway World 2019


-"...joined my Major (a justifiably insecure/paranoid VIP wannabe played by Jon McCormick), head of this four person clan... fleshed out with stark and haunting performances."

  -Griffin Miller, City Guide 2019

-"Major (Jon McCormick) is the patriarch of the family and hangs on, with his family that depends on him despite hopelessness... The actors and the directing are all spot on bringing their talents to bear, blending the darkness of life with the only thing that keeps us alive, that spark of hope, weather real or imagined... Go see this very good piece of theater."

  -David Walters, Front Row Center 2019

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