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-"’s the collective energy of the talented, driven people who make this City so alive. A demonstration of this provided by Tuesday Night Poker...a morality tale with referential roots, is the collaborative effort of its five major cast members: Matt Brown, Adam Couperthwaite, Mike Hauschild, Nick Hulstine and Jon McCormick."


-"the performances are fresh, the plot and staging convincing, and the lack of moral relativism frankly refreshing."


-"Poker is excellent theater...Deal me in: creativity should always be so powerful."

   David St.-Lascaux, Interrupting Infinity -2010

-"McCormick, a new face worth watching, has an air of innocence that keeps us guessing about Luke’s true feelings for Jessie."


-"As children of this dirt-poor region of rural America, newlyweds Jessie (Wrenn Schmidt) and Luke (Jon McCormick) know all about being kicked around by their parents and peers."

   Marilyn Stasio, Variety -2010

 -"McCormick (as) Chi--the easy-going rock of the group--plays him extremely well."

   Aaron Riccio, That Sounds Cool -2010

-"Jon McCormick as Laertes and Guildenstern (does) extremely well at moving between roles."

   Catherine Lamm, The British Theatre Guide -2011

-"...a gang of boys played with a surprising depth and awkward exaggeration by three talented young women (Emily Kratter as Milty, Regina Betancourt as Spit, Lynn Mancinelli as Angel) and one young male, Jon McCormick, as their leader, Tommy. It’s difficult at first to adjust to their antics, as it is in no way trying to be realistic, but the abstract speaks volumes about these boys and their situation, and eventually it crawls under your skin."

   Ross, front mezzo junkies -2017

-"The performances are assured and the relationships have spark, particularly when Cleo Gray and Jon McCormick are involved...leaving me wanting more of their obvious chemistry and imagining them chewing on a two-hander, Venus in Fur perhaps."

   Seth Bogner, Theatre is Easy -2014

-"...a guy she flirted with online, "horror-porn" director Kyle (Jon McCormick, equally sexy and sleazy)."

   Raven Snook, Time Out -2014

-"...McCormick, in a nicely understated performance, turns out to be quiet, thoughtful and confident."

  Edward Karam, Off-Off Online -2014

-"...sets up her prudish best girlfriend on a date with low-budget soft-core porn-horror filmmaker Kyle (an energized and magnetic Jon McCormick)."

   Dmitry Zvonkov, Stage and Cinema -2014

-"A gang of four adolescent boys — none of which are played by adolescents and three of which are played by women — introduce us to life on the streets. There's T.B. (Lynn Mancinelli)...; Spit (Regina Betancourt)...; Milty (a beautifully sympathetic performance by Emily Kratter)...; and Tommy (a confident Jon McCormick), the charming-but-arrogant leader of the pack who eventually finds himself cornered between his circumstances and the law."

   Hayley Levitt, Theater Mania -2017

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